Seagrass sampling-expedition

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by Veronica S.

Between 19th and 29th of August there was the seagrass sampling expedition and we travelled around Crete and sampling in six different sites: Lendas, Elounda, Gournes, Kouremenos, Chania and Souda. In each site we searched for three different habitats characterized by the presence of Cymodocea, Halophila and Posidonia and collected seawater, sediments and seagrasses samples. We did not find all the habitats in each site but only in Kouremenos, Chania and Souda.

The sampling was divided in two part, the first one characterized by underwater activities in which divers have collected sediments cores, bottom and pore water syringes, cores of seagrass and counting density of that ones by frame. During the second part we processed all samples by slicing sediments cores, filtering water, checking and dividing seagrass shoots and cores and measured. Also we measured DO, T, pH, salinity in overlying water and Eh in this and into the sediment using one of sediment cores. The collected samples and data will be used for different kind of analysis as granulometry, dating, metals concentration, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus pool in sediments, sulfur pool in sediments and waters, density and morphometry of seagrass. All of these will help us to study the possible relationships between sediments concentration and seagrass growth and if Hypoxia events could affect the seagrass meadow.

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