Mesocosm Experiment: packing & cleaning

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by Nafsika P.

The mesocosm experiment it may be finished yesterday but there was a lot of work still to be done.

All the equipment used for the analyses and the sampling had to be cleaned and packed.

But the most difficult part remaining to be done was the mesocosm’s dismantling. We needed two days to complete this process.

First we had to sample around 1m3 water from every mesocosm bag for the final zooplankton analyses.

Afterwards came the most impressing activity of the mesocosm dismantling: the retrieving of the sediment containers.

IMG_0140 IMG_0159

For this job we needed the help of Giorgos P. our technician specialized in the mesocosm set up.


With Giorgos’s crane Panagiotis, Ioulia and me managed to take out of the bags the sediment containers without disturbing their content.

IMG_0180IMG_0141 IMG_0148  IMG_0185 IMG_0187

At the same time we emptied the rest of the water from the ex-mesocosm bags and we took them out of the experimental tank.


Just before it gets dark we managed to retrieve all the bags/containers from the water.


The next day Manolis, Antonis, Panagiotis and Irini sieved the sediments to collect the final macrofaunal samples.

IMG_0200 IMG_0205IMG_0203 IMG_0211

At the same time Ioulia and Maria cleaned the sediment containers and the other parts of the mesocosm equipment.

IMG_0198 IMG_0194 IMG_0213

As for me I helped a little bit in both teams and I took all the photos!


After the sieving and cleaning the mesocosm parts were packed and stored…until the next mesocosm experiment!!!!


Thanks guys for the good work!!!!!


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