Mesocosm Experiment D12: What happens during sediment sampling?

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by Irini T.

It’s day twelve, our third sediment sampling is a routine! But what is happening during the sediment sampling? Let’s take a look… At first we have the powerful boys, Panagiotis, Antonis and Manolis, who collect the sediment by means of a minicorer .

20140927_104108 O O O  

Until the crucial time that the sediment corer was retrieved from the 1.6 m2 mesocosm, Vicky and I are getting prepared for the Eh and Temperature measurement and the sediment slicing. Of course, we have significant help from this lovely kitten!!!

20140927_104121 O O O

The next step is Eh and temperature measurement and after that, we start the slicing. One piece of sediment pie is for sulfide measurement… one for Live/Dead bacteria analysis, another for meiofauna community analysis and the last two pieces are for CHN and Chl a concentration analyses.

Please don’t underestimate the kittens help during the whole sampling procedure!!!

O O O O O O  

When everything is done, it’s time for some laboratory work on samples that have to be immediately analysed…some samples cannot wait at all!!!!


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