Mesocosm Experiment D26

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by Nafsika P.

Today is a non-sampling day and but we have our second mesocosm meeting.

We wanted to check our results and discuss if and for how long our experiment will continue…

After a long discussion we agreed to continue the experiment for 3 more weeks but to skip some intermediate samplings. Thus our new schedule includes one sampling/week for water and sediment samples from the mesocosm bags.

Mesocosm Experiment D21

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by Ioulia S.

We reached the 21th day of our mesocosm experiment!

Samples are being analyzed and initial results keep coming up.

At the same time, water column gets more and more eutrophic. We all hope that our autotrophs are still getting satisfying and “nutritious” meals…

IMG_1310 IMG_1315 IMG_1313 IMG_1314