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Mesocosm Experiment D21

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by Ioulia S.

We reached the 21th day of our mesocosm experiment!

Samples are being analyzed and initial results keep coming up.

At the same time, water column gets more and more eutrophic. We all hope that our autotrophs are still getting satisfying and “nutritious” meals…

IMG_1310 IMG_1315 IMG_1313 IMG_1314

Mesocosm Experiment D15: what happens during water sampling

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by Ioulia S. & Irini T.

Water column sampling is not nearly as tricky as sediment sampling (no minicorers or physical strength required). That’s why we all rotate for it, experimental day by experimental day. Today is Maria’s, Santi’s and Eryfilli’s turn who will collect samples from the surface and bottom water column. But first they have to wait for the nutrient team and the O2 team to collect their samples. Sediment traps are sampled too, right after the water column sampling.



Τhe trickiest part of the sampling is now: we have to transfer the samples to the labs quickly and safely but at the same time keep them cool and in the dark. Luckily, the labs are only one minute away from the mesocosms. The different teams will, now, collect their subsamples and begin their work.


The nutrient team: Snezana, Eleni and Margarita

  IMG_1287 IMG_1282 IMG_1285 IMG_1284


The O2 team: Panagiotis and Ioanna 


The filtration team: Nafsika, Antonis, Manolis


The bacterial production team: Anastasia


The flow cytometry team: Ioulia


The zooplankton eggs team: Maria

IMG_1316 IMG_1317  

Mesocosm Experiment D12: What happens during sediment sampling?

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by Irini T.

It’s day twelve, our third sediment sampling is a routine! But what is happening during the sediment sampling? Let’s take a look… At first we have the powerful boys, Panagiotis, Antonis and Manolis, who collect the sediment by means of a minicorer .

20140927_104108 O O O  

Until the crucial time that the sediment corer was retrieved from the 1.6 m2 mesocosm, Vicky and I are getting prepared for the Eh and Temperature measurement and the sediment slicing. Of course, we have significant help from this lovely kitten!!!

20140927_104121 O O O

The next step is Eh and temperature measurement and after that, we start the slicing. One piece of sediment pie is for sulfide measurement… one for Live/Dead bacteria analysis, another for meiofauna community analysis and the last two pieces are for CHN and Chl a concentration analyses.

Please don’t underestimate the kittens help during the whole sampling procedure!!!

O O O O O O  

When everything is done, it’s time for some laboratory work on samples that have to be immediately analysed…some samples cannot wait at all!!!!


Mesocosm Experiment D6

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by Antonis G.

It’s the sixth day of the experiment…and everything is under control under the beautiful sun of Crete!

Different scientists working on sampling and analyzing data! Surface and bottom water filtered, sediment traps and sediment from the bottom of mesocosms collected…

The first results of chlorophyll and oxygen concentration from the column figured in colorful graphs…white is for controls…yellow for low nutrient and green for high nutrient concentrations!A lot of lab-work need to be done…so lets work…!