Plankton & Microbial Ecology Lab

PI: Dr. P. Pitta

The Plankton & Microbial Ecology Laboratoryof the Institute of Oceanography in Crete has been involved in 30 national and EU funded projects (CYCLOPS, ADIOS, AQCESS, BIOFAQs, MedVeg, ANREC, EUR-OCEANS, SESAME, MESOAQUA, Nutritunnel, MEDEX, MedSeA) through which have gained expertise on the structure and function of the pelagic microbial food web in the oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean Sea and on the response of microbial populations to the increased availability of nutrients in order to detect limiting factors or to study the impact of anthropogenic activities on the marine environment.

The facilities of the Plankton & Microbial Ecology Laboratory include a FACSCalibur flow cytometer, inverted and epifluorescence microscopes and an image analysis system.