Panagiotis Dimitriou


Panagiotis Dimitriou

PhD candidate at the Biology Department of University of Crete

Panagiotis studied Biology in University of Crete focusing on Environmental Biology. In his BSc thesis, he studied the effects of trawling on benthic community structure in the area of SE Crete. He continued his MSc studies by studding Environmental Biology and Resource Management in University of Crete, focusing on Marine Ecosystems and Marine Ecology. His master thesis involved a meta-analysis of benthic data in order to develop new indicators for the assessment of ecological quality. He proposed a new Ecological Quality Indicator used under the context of the European Water Framework Directive called BQI-Family, which uses benthic data in the Family level in order to asses the Environmental Status of the study area. Now as a PhD student he studies the effects of Eutrophication and Hypoxia on marine benthic communities and environmental variables.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project he will be involved in all Work Packages by designing, collecting data, performing analysis and synthesizing results (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6).