Manolis Moraitis


Manolis Moraitis

PhD candidate at the Biology Department of University of Crete

Manolis is a Biologist with interest in the field of benthic ecology. His scientific interests include: macrobenthic taxonomy, environmental impact assessment and the use of geographic information system (GIS) in marine ecosystems. He is familiar with aquaculture impact on benthic  environment through his work in tuna farming in eastern Mediterranean. For his master thesis he evaluated the ecological status of sensitive marine ecosystems in Grete using macroinvertabrates as biological indicators. For his doctoral dissertation he will study different oxygen delimited (hypoxic) marine locations and compare benthic and water column data using biological and geochemical information as well as satellite data. In the framework of HYPOXIA project he will be involved in the station selection as well as the map preparation. He will participate in all sampling expeditions and the cruise reports (WP 2).  His main involvement of the project is macrofaunal analysis (i.e sorting and identification to species level, calculation of diversity indices and indicators of environmental quality) and geochemical analysis (nutrients, organic carbon, pigments, oxygen and granulometry) as well as the reports of the aforementioned tasks (WP 4). The preparation of cruise reports, results reports and the overall planning and synthesis of the project is also a major part of his contribution (WP5 AND WP6).