Ioulia Santi


Ioulia Santi

PhD candidate at the Biology Department of University of Crete

 Ioulia is a Biologist with an MSc in Marine Microbiology. Her scientific interests include Marine Microbial Ecology, Microbial Diversity and Planktonic Ecology. Her research focuses on the microbial communities of the marine water-column. In contrast to the general belief of a widely distributed pelagic community, the planktonic microbial communities are, in fact, very dynamic in terms of diversity and community composition. The natural microscale heterogeneity of the water column (such as the distribution of nutrients, O2 and particulate organic matter) can provide different microniches and, hence, support different microbial communities.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project she will study the ecology of different planktonic microbial communities in connection to low-oxygen conditions in the water column and in particular WP2, WP3 and WP4. Furthermore, she is aiming to address the specific effects of sediment hypoxia on the marine microbial communities. She would also like to take a deeper look into the metabolic pathways of these microorganisms and in how specific pathways are connected to the global elemental cycles (N, P and C).