Eleni Livanou


Eleni Livanou (MSc)

Research assistant at Biology Department of the University of Crete (UoC)

 Eleni Livanou studied biology in the University of Crete, where she obtained her BSc degree specialoised in Environmental Biology and Management of Biological Recourses. During her BSc thesis she developed a mathematical model, based on the Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory (Kooijman, 2000) in order to investigate the factors that affect the vertical distribution of phytoplankton in the water column. Eleni just completed the MSc course Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems in the University of St. Andrews and the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS), Scotland. During her master thesis she was trained in the ecosystem modelling software Ecopath with Ecosim which was used in order to investigate the effects of the inclusion of the microbial loop in the energy flow and functioning of the ecosystem of the Clyde Sea. Her master thesis was focused in studying the seasonal distribution and community composition of small jellyfish community in west coast of Scotland.

In the framework of Hypoxia project she will be working on the development of a pelagic-benthic coupled biogeochemical model in order to describe the biogeochemical and physical processes and investigate the conditions that may lead to hypoxic events, being involved in WP1.