Dr. Vicky Kalogeropoulou


Dr. Vicky Kalogeropoulou

Post Doctoral Researcher at Biology Department of the University of Crete (UoC)

Vicky is a Marine Scientist with expertise in Marine Ecology.Her PhD thesis was titled: “Structural and functional biodiversity of the deep-sea metazoan meiobenthic communities at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain, NE Atlantic: Evidence of temporal shifts from a 15-year period study (1989-2004)” and was dealing with the examination of different aspects of the impact of climate change in the deep sea meiobenthic communities. Her scientific interests include the ecology of meiobenthic assemblages; Deep-Sea and extreme environments; Population dynamics, biodiversity and taxonomy (Nematodes & Copepods); Response of meiobenthos to physical and anthropogenic disturbance; Functional ecology. To date she has been involved in 7 research projects related to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of benthic communities.

She is currently involved in the HYPOXIA project examining the impact of hypoxic conditions in the benthic communities and the bentho-pelagic coupling. In particular she is participating in all work packages including the oceanographic field sampling (WP2), the mesocosm experiments (WP3) and laboratory analyses of sediment samples (meiofauna, macrofauna and geochemistry). She is also involved in the meta-analysis and modelling processes (WP1), all scientific reporting synthesis (WP5) and Coordination and dissemination (WP6).

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