Dr. Paraskevi Pitta


Dr. Paraskevi (Vivi) Pitta

Associate Researcher at the Oceanography Institute (H.C.M.R.)

 Vivi is a biologist with a PhD in Marine Biology. Her research field is Marine Microbial Ecology. Her research interests involve: Structure and function of pelagic microbial food webs in oligotrophic environments, Coastal and off-shore marine ecosystems, Distribution of microbiota in the dark ocean, Taxonomy and Mixotrophy of ciliates, Impacts of aquaculture on marine environment, Field work, mesocosm experiments. During the past 15 years, Dr. Pitta has been working on Microbial Ecology and has participated in 31 national and EU projects (among others CYCLOPS, ADIOS, AQCESS, BIOFAQs, MedVeg, ANREC, EUR-OCEANS, SESAME, MESOAQUA, Nutritunnel, MEDEX, MedSeA), in 9 of which as scientific responsible. One of her recent activities is the development of a facility of marine mesocosms in HCMR-Crete and through this her participation in MESOAQUA (http://www.mesoaqua.eu/), an EU-FP7-Capacities project comprising specialists and mesocosm facilities from 6 large European Organisations and providing access to these facilities. She has 38 publications in peer reviewed journals, h-index 17, 1079 citations and cumulative Impact factor (ISI-JCR 2012) 107.37. She is member in 4 scientific organisations, reviewer in 13 journals and editor in 3 journals. She has supervised 3 MSc and 7 BSc theses and has co-supervised 3 PhD theses.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project she is responsible for the mesocosm experiment which will take place in September 2014 in order to study the effects of eutrophication and hypoxia on the microbial food web of the water column and benthos (Workpackage 3).