Dr. Nafsika Papageorgiou


Dr. Nafsika Papageorgiou

Post Doctoral Researcher at the Institute of Oceanography (HCMR)

Nafsika is a Biologist with expertise in Marine Ecology. To date she has been involved in 19 research projects (10 national and 9 EU funded ones) all focusing on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of benthic and planktonic communities. She is currently involved in projects that examine different aspects of the impact of climate change, i.e. ocean acidification, temperature rise and hypoxia, on benthic ecosystems.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project she will participate in the sampling cruises (WP2) as well as the mesocosm experiments (WP3). She will also be involved in the meta-analysis and modelling processes (WP1) and in all scientific reporting (WP5).

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