Dr. Eugenia Apostolaki


Dr. Eugenia Apostolaki

Post Doctoral Researcherat the Institute of Oceanography (HCMR)

Eugenia is a Biologist with expertise in seagrass ecophysiology and biogeochemistry. She studies the direct (e.g. eutrophication, aquaculture) and indirect (e.g. increasing temperature, acidification, alien species invasion, hypoxia) human impact on productivity, community metabolism and carbon and nutrient cycling in seagrass ecosystems. She is involved in studies detecting worldwide trends in seagrass status, reviewing historical data on seagrass distribution, mapping seagrass beds, inter-calibrating seagrass monitoring protocols and delivering recommendations on management of seagrass ecosystems. She is also involved in environmental awareness initiatives, by raising public knowledge and interest in seagrasses.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project she will study the effect of hypoxia on seagrass metabolites and carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur pools in seagrass, sediment and water, in order to detect possible relationships between sediment conditions and seagrass growth and suggest early signals of seagrass regression due to hypoxic events. In particular she will be involved in the field sampling (WP2), the laboratory analyses of seagrass and sediment samples as well as the scientific reporting (WP5).