Dr. Anastasia Gioti


Dr. Anastasia Gioti

Post Doctoral Researcher at Biology Department of the University of Crete (UoC)

 Anastasia is an evolutionary genomicist, with expertise in bioinformatics and fungal genetics. She conducted her PhD at the National Agronomic Research Instituteinvestigating transcriptomics and functional genomics of a fungus-plant pathogenic interaction (Botrytis cinerea-Arabidopsis thaliana). She next obtained a University Paris Diderot Diploma in Informatics in Biology and worked as a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow for the Institute of Healthy Ageing, between the University College London and the European Bioinformatics Institute in the UK. Her work spanned transcriptomic data analyses and pipeline development on a range of models (flies, mice, C. elegans). In Uppsala University, Sweden, she studied genome evolution related to mating type in Neurospora. She has also worked for the Karolinska Institute and the Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, coordinating an international effort on the genomic characterization of the commensal yeast Malassezia sympodialis. Her main scientific interests include genome evolution, phytopathology, evolution of reproductive systems in fungi, and transposable element dynamics.

In the framework of the Hypoxia project, Anastasia will be involved in the WP 2-6, studying the effect of hypoxia in the structure of microbial communities using next generation sequencing techniques. She will further investigate the population structure and the evolution of the polychaete worm Capitella in the context of hypoxia.