Anastasia Tsiola


Anastasia Tsiola

PhD candidate at the Biology Department of University of Crete

 Anastasia is a Biologist. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the microbial food web of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, on seasonal, spatial and vertical scales. Later on she was trained in the National Oceanography Centre (Southampton, UK) in the use of flow cytometry and the growth of cultures of bacterial and flagellates species, in order to conduct grazing experiments, where she got her MSc degree. To date she has participated in several mesocosm experiments i.e. MESOAQUA, and MedSeA projects. Her research interests include cyanobacterial and cyanophages composition and function in environments either polluted (e.g. heavy metals) or enriched in organic material. During her PhD studies, she aims to describe phylogenetically the above-mentioned planktonic members as well as evaluate the occurrence of lysogeny-related genes in response to ambient environmental pressure, under natural and manipulated conditions.

In the framework of HYPOXIA project, she will be involved in Work Packages 2, 4 and 6 by analyzing planktonic samples (prokaryotes, virus-like particles and pico-sized eukaryotes) with the use of flow cytometry, in order to investigate the response of the microbial community of the water column in response to geochemical changes induced by hypoxic conditions.