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Last preparations for the Mesocosms experiment_part 1

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The HYPOXIA mesocosm experiment will start next week. So these days the team has to make the final preparations in order everything everything to be ready for the filling of the mesocosms next Monday.

Today we cleaned the tanks that will be used to carry the sea water to the mesocosm facility. This procedure inlcudes initial acid-wash of every tank followed by washing with distilled water.

Mesocosm Experiment (September 2014)

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The purpose of this experiment is to assess the effects of eutrophication under conditions of induces hypoxia by increasing nutrients in the water column and the resulting increase in sedimentation of organic material from the column. The mesocosm experiments will be held in the Cretacosmos facilities of HCMR and will combine plankton and benthic communities,allowing one to deflect the system from its initial conditions to an extent hard to do in nature.

Seagrass sampling-expedition

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by Veronica S.

Between 19th and 29th of August there was the seagrass sampling expedition and we travelled around Crete and sampling in six different sites: Lendas, Elounda, Gournes, Kouremenos, Chania and Souda. In each site we searched for three different habitats characterized by the presence of Cymodocea, Halophila and Posidonia and collected seawater, sediments and seagrasses samples. We did not find all the habitats in each site but only in Kouremenos, Chania and Souda.