1st meeting of WP1.1 research team

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The aim of the first part of WP1 is the meta-analysis of previous sampling data from the Greek coastal area that coverboth the water column, the benthic system and various geochemical parameters.

For this purpose a meeting was held in order to draft the protocol for the collection of data and to provide a list of case studies. The aim of the study was formulated as “Analysis of a large data set of a generally oligotrophic environment in order to investigate the relationship between the water column variables and the structure of the benthic macrofauna. These assumptions will be tested is that changes in water column chlorophyll affect

1. thespecies structure of the macrofaunal assemblages

2. thevaluesof the state of the corresponding environmental status of the environmental status indicators used for the implementation of the European Directive on Water.

In addition, the biotic and abiotic variables that will be used in the analyses were selected as long as the potential researchers of the UoC and HCMR, who will probably be interested in contributing data.


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